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Here is just a small sample of how you can customize your new or used golf car/utility vehicle to suit your needs and/or style.  Talk to one of our salesmen to see how we can customize a vehicle just for you.
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Custom Vehicles – New
Yamaha Drive w/ Head/Tail Ligh…Yamaha Drive PTV EFI w/ Rear F…Yamaha Drive w/ Lift Kit, Ster…Yamaha Adventurer w/ SunTop, W…Yamaha Drive with Head/Tail Li…
Yamaha Utility w/Van Box Three…
Custom Vehicles – Used
Yamaha G-22 with Candy Apple B…G-22 w/ Lift Kit, Orange Body,…G-22 w/ Teal Body, Head/Tail L…G-22 w/ Lift Kit, Camo Wrap, U…